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We are currently working on bringing you more photos + videos of our pieces. We are also in the midst of creating an online store where you can purchase these pieces.


Stay tuned! 


When working with something day in and day out, with changes in time, location, and difficulty, we begin to form a sense of rhythm, clarity, and deep understanding of ourselves and what we focus on. That passionate connection fosters grit, determination, expertise, collaboration, and (let's be honest) pretty magical results.


Bernard Pelletier is a Horse Farrier and Blacksmith from Québec, Canada and now lives in Brevard, North Carolina. Bernard shares his understanding of horses and his craft of forging horseshoes and forging tools to create his own pieces as a tradition carried on by his great-grandfather and his father. He is a perfectionist. His innate visualization and artistry in blacksmithing have assisted his passion for horseshoeing. Bernard's empathetic understanding of horses drives his passion as a farrier. Every horse is special and the value of a horse is not determined by its monetary value.


Thank you for messaging Pelletier Forge. We'll get back to you soon as we can! Thank you.

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